What do Women Want?

The writing presented below is just a sampling of the work that flows from the pens and computers of Hummingwords writers. Some of our writers have chosen to present poetry on this page because poetry’s condensed language makes it short and sweet, but we never know if we’ll end up writing creative nonfiction, poetry, flash fiction, personal meditation, a continuation of a novel or memoir from outside of the group, or all of the above in any given session. It all depends on where the prompts lead us.

What do Women Want?

Jean Lyford

Why ask? I want what you want,
To be respected—to have a voice,
Time uninterrupted, a question answered,
A smile returned in understanding—
No child am I to be taken care of,
Patted on the back with a there, there.

I want time to finish what I started,
Not stop to look for other’s shoes or papers.
I want to sing and dance in the middle of the living room
Without someone asking if I’ve been drinking.
I want to be a person, not a function in somebody else’s
Guide book, unfettered by another’s scheme of things.

Yes, I want what you want
Whether you’re male or female
Should the difference matter?
Don’t we all cry sometimes,
somewhere openly or in secret?
I’m up to feeling failure or success in work I chose.
Tell me how you feel—no flowers, please.

I want to be seen as myself, not someone else’s
Dream or needs.

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