Catalyst Coaching

Realizing Your Dreams

What are the Benefits of Coaching?

You can greatly increase the likelihood of achieving your desired results by working with me as your coach.

The American Society of Training and Development conducted a study that found the following:

    There is only a 20% chance that you will bring a good idea to fruition if you don’t tell anyone what you intend.
    When you share your aspirations and become accountable to someone else, however, your probability of success goes up to 80% – 90%.

In short, coaching increases the speed and decreases the time it takes to fulfill your dreams. It can also lead to greater satisfaction in relationships, career, and life in general through enhancing:

    communication skills
    emotional intelligence

As your coach, I help you recognize blind spots and expose limiting beliefs that are holding you in old patterns. You are then free to consciously create new patterns built on accurate self-knowledge and clear intention.

What is the Catalyst Coaching Approach?

I assume that you are creative, resourceful, and whole, rather than broken and in need of fixing. And I trust that you can discover your own answers if asked the right powerful questions.

Instead of analyzing the past, we focus on enhancing your life in the present and designing your desired future. To do that, we build on your fundamental strengths to propel you toward your full potential. And along the way, we hone your communication and conflict management skills to enhance your relationships.

Catalyst Coaching helps you flow back and forth organically between insight and action as you:

    deepen your self-awareness
    reconnect with your core values
    discover your purpose
    take concrete steps to realize your goals

It’s a stimulating process that rekindles your optimism and empowers you to reach for your dreams. And we make sure that fun and playfulness keep you moving forward with enthusiasm rather than resistance.

What are the Logistics of Catalyst Coaching?

Our intake session is usually in person, but our subsequent coaching occurs via phone. Phone coaching is effective and efficient, and it lets you relax in the comfort of your own home or office.

You’ll do most of your work between sessions (fulfilling your action items and working with insight-deepening inquiries). To support your commitment to change, accountability is built into the coaching process. You’ll send me a preparation form before each call to update me on your realizations, challenges, and accomplishments. And at the end of each session, we’ll review insights and determine the action steps you want to take before the next session. I will also give you an insight-deepening inquiry to consider between sessions.

To ensure that you sustain momentum in moving toward your goals, I suggest at least two hours of coaching per month, and you’ll have unlimited email access to me between sessions to share triumphs, challenges, and questions.

When Will I Notice Results?

You should notice immediate benefits of increased enthusiasm, optimism, and motivation. The speed of change depends on your motivation of course, but you’ll probably see concrete progress toward your goals within weeks.

I suggest an initial commitment of three months to allow you to gain substantial results from your coaching investment. Some clients continue coaching for years because they value their long-term evolution, while others wrap up as soon as their goals are achieved.