Centered Choice Women’s Classes

Creating Change From the Core

What are Centered Choice Classes?

Suzanne Samson and I create Centered Choice classes to address the needs and interests of women in mid-life. We create a dynamic synergy: our personalities and approaches are highly complementary, and by creating and facilitating each class together, we double the knowledge and experience we are able to offer participants.

All Centered Choice classes are based on experiential learning: we use skill-building exercises, journaling, and expressive arts to deepen your awareness then move you into concrete action towards creating a more fulfilling life. Our classes and ongoing women’s groups create a community in which participants learn and grow together in a supportive environment.

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What Topics do Centered Choice Classes and Groups Cover?

Past Centered Choice class topics include the following:

Creating Hope in a Time of Change
Cultivating Great Relationships
Consciously Managing Boundaries
Exploring Your Wisdom/Living Your Dreams

Past Wisdom Group themes include:

Letting Go of Control: Floating in the Unknown
Facets of Womanhood: Daughter, Sister, Lover/Wife, Mother
The Holy Fool
Abundance, Harvest, and Thanksgiving
Connection With Spirit
Rekindling Creativity
Women in Midlife
Personal Power