Writer’s Coaching and Editorial Services

Why Do I Need a Writer’s Coach?

Writing can be a lonely occupation because writers often lack the support of others who share their vision and passion. When you work with a writer’s coach, your enthusiasm, motivation, and commitment increase. You stay on track with your goals because you have the support of someone who understands what you’re trying to achieve and is just as excited about your project as you are.

How Does the Coaching Process Work?

As your coach, I meet with you in an initial intake session to determine what you need to bring your writing project to fruition, and we create a custom-designed coaching plan to provide you with that support.

From that point on, I help you:

determine your vision
define your voice
identify your audience
clarify your main themes
devise a narrative structure
set a timeline
problem-solve challenges
build momentum
make consistent progress toward your goals

Most of our interactions take place over phone and email as I give you feedback on ideas and rough drafts, help you overcome real-life obstacles and mental blocks, and keep you moving toward completion of your project. We meet in person whenever you feel it would be helpful to have a more in-depth, one-on-one interaction concerning your project.

How Can You Help Me as an Editor?

When it comes time to refine your manuscript and ready it for publication, I review the draft carefully to help you:

eliminate typos, wordiness, and awkward phrasing
tighten the plot
deepen the characters
improve the narrative structure
hone the beginning and end for the greatest impact

I have over 25 years of experience editing technical documents, proposals, annual reports, industry publications, novels, children’s books, poetry, cookbooks, young adult fiction, essay collections and memoirs. Whatever your genre, I can help you make your writing the best it can possibly be before sending it out to agents and publishers.