Hummingwords Expressive Arts Playshops

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What Are Hummingwords Playshops?

Karen Mireau and I create Hummingwords Playshops combining nature, writing, and art to nurture each person’s social, emotional, and imaginational intelligence in children, teens, and adults. Our playshops provide invaluable opportunities to gain self-knowledge, connect with nature, recognize your strengths, and tap into your creative wellspring through the combination of writing and art.

To inquire about arranging a Hummingwords Playshop for your group, email or call (925) 451-9317.

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What Kinds of Topics do the Playshops Cover?

Below is sampling of classes that can be adapted to fit your needs.

Ages 5 – 7: Magical Words: Discovering Your Strengths

A “Mommy and Me” class using nature-based fantasy themes to help children identify their personal strengths, the qualities that make them unique, and the things they love.

Take home treasure: A key-ring book of each child’s magical words.


Ages 8 – 11: Personal Fairytales: Finding Your Magical Self

A class using the structure of fairytales to help children explore the roles they assume and create the narrative they desire in their own personal life stories.

Take home treasure: A ribbon-bound book with a secret pocket holding a treasure inside.


Ages 12 – 14: Stepping Stones: Exploring Your Inner Nature

A class using the metaphor of stepping stones in a garden to help early teens explore interests, values, and dreams to pave their path through life.

Take home treasure: An accordion book with a handmade collage cover.


Ages 15 – 18: Unfolding Life: Integrating Past/Present/Future

A class using the theme of reflecting on the past, exploring the present, and projecting into the future to help older teens discover more about who they are and who they hope to become.

Take home treasure: An unfolding book illustrated with art and collages.


Adult Women: Master Gardeners: Nurturing Seeds of Self

A class using the metaphor of cultivating plants from seed through blossom to explore dreams and intentions via creative written and artistic expression.

Take home treasure: A seed-package book enfolding die-cut pages illustrated with art and collages, with the option of magnetizing pages for individual display.