What Clients Say

Catalyst Coaching and Centered Choice Workshop Clients

“Cynthia is a warm and inspiring coach! She taught me the most important and freeing lesson I have learned thus far in life. Cynthia showed me that I have choices, that every minute of every day I can choose the perspective from which I view the world, that I can choose to be happy. I often hear Cynthia’s wise words in my head and they bring me a great deal of hope and peace.”
~M. J., Public Health

“Cynthia has an amazing ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly. She has tremendous insights and intuition. I’ve attended her workshops and have been a private client, and each interaction truly pushes me to a new level of awareness and change.”
~L.C., Communication Consultant

“I strongly recommend Cynthia Leslie-Bole as a Life Coach. I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience with her. I worked with Cynthia for a year, and as a result, my life changed in so many positive and miraculous ways! She skillfully and intuitively guided me during our sessions through the use of visualizations, intentions, and meditation along with tools to use each day to manifest my dreams. Cynthia was great at guiding me past some very large and emotionally-charged obstacles that were getting in my way toward reaching my life’s purpose. I learned so much about myself and grew more that year than at any other time in my life. I will continue to work with Cynthia when I reach sticking points in my life or when I face new crossroads and challenges. I have encouraged friends and family members to work with her. She is quite simply, an amazing Life Coach.”
~S.C., Professor of Women’s History

“Cynthia is a skilled listener and a superb coach. I have participated in many of her workshops and have experienced tremendous personal growth. She is compassionate, creative, intuitive and skilled. I highly recommend Cynthia to anybody who is open to exploring their inner world and developing strong interpersonal skills.”
~B. H., Lactation Consultant

“I have had the great pleasure of knowing Cynthia for many years, and recently I hired her for her career coaching expertise. WOW! The result of our first series of sessions have clearly demonstrated: her excellent knowledge and application of coaching skills; the large breadth of experience, creativity and resourcefulness she brings to her work; her dependable professionalism; her genuine enthusiasm for the success of her client; her undivided sense of attention and support for the client; and her ability to transmit trust and confidence in the client’s abilities for success. Additionally, another important reason for having hired Cynthia is that within just a few minutes of our initial interview, I immediately realized that she clearly understood me, the nature of my work, my way of thinking, my objectives, and most importantly my vision! It is truly a great pleasure to work with Cynthia, and I highly recommend this uplifting and life enhancing experience to anyone interested in achieving their goals.”
~A. C., Fitness Coach and Psychotherapist

“I have had numerous personal and professional encounters with Cynthia over the last 20 years, and can say that is woman is “rock solid”. I have worked with her as a coaching client for over 6 months at a very challenging and stressful time of my life. She was the unflagging support and coach I needed. She is highly intuitive, deeply caring, incredibly responsible, and an excellent time manager. The work in which she assisted me helped on many levels of my being (emotional, spiritual, and mental). She was flexible and adapted brilliantly to the situation and what I needed. I learned more about myself and also gained very practical skills like firm boundary setting. I am very grateful to have this woman in my sphere.”
~N. N., Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine practitioner

“During my training to become a hypnotherapist, I chose Cynthia to work with as my Life Coach in order to process and release unwanted feelings of a past relationship. She was easy to work with, set boundaries with mutual expectations, and was delightful and heart felt. She had some great ideas on how to view my life differently. I highly respect her and recommend her for individual or group work.”
~K. H., Hypnotherapist

“Cynthia is very professional and takes care of business, while at the same time adding a spiritual/energetic aspect to the coaching that not too many people can offer. She will never tell you what to do – she will guide you into making your own decisions and help you to lay out your possibilities.”
~J. N., Artist, Veteran’s Advocate

“Cynthia combines deep empathy, extraordinary communication skills and love of experiential learning to generate powerful results in both her coaching clients and her workshop participants. She brings a deep reservoir of knowledge, tools and heart connection to her work. Her ability to create safe space and honor individual process is a gift to her clients. I highly recommend her as both a coach and a facilitator.”
~S. S., Relationship Coach

“Cynthia Leslie-Bole is a profoundly intuitive and highly skilled coach, creativity counselor, writer and workshop facilitator. Her perceptive, nurturing style combined with her talent for finding transformative and enlightening approaches truly earns her the title of ‘Life Catalyst’. I would enthusiastically recommend Cynthia to anyone who desires to positively alter their life path or to energize their own creative process.”
~K. M., Marketing, Writing, and Creativity Consultant

Hummingwords Writing Workshop Participants

“In Hummingwords I have found the perfect environment to begin my writing journey. Growing up a math and science girl, I never looked at myself as a writer but I’m discovering I do have a voice and I’m overjoyed to finally hear it!  Cynthia is a warm and encouraging leader who creates a supportive and nurturing environment for all her students.”
~M. B.

“This is such a fun, powerful and moving experience!  Cynthia is so positive while also being adept at finding possibilities and nuances in the writing that are profound, encouraging and very educational and interesting.  Writing with Cynthia is an empowering and no-pressure way to learn self-expression.  (And she has great teas and chocolates!).”
~J. R.

“Hummingwords  has helped me search deep within to write easily and fluently,  even surprising myself.  It’s as though poetry has been waiting inside, just needing an opportunity to announce its presence.  I haven’t written poetry since my teenage years, a long time ago.  Now it has become my favored expression of thoughts as well as a  visualization for shadowy images, some of which I don’t understand myself.  But then that ambiguity is the essence of poetry. Sharing this experience with other writers adds perspective as well as a sense of camaraderie in pursuing the buried life within. Thanks go to Cynthia Leslie-Bole  for leading us on this life enhancing journey.”
~J. L.

“Cynthia is highly skilled at creating a safe and nurturing environment for exploring a new creative process. Her long experience in running groups is evident, as all participants are welcomed to share, and yet she keeps to a schedule without imposing on the group process. Cynthia’s incisive mind, love of literary life and big heart combine to create helpful, supportive and encouraging feedback to newly-birthed, vulnerable pieces of writing. Come and try it out…”