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Writing coaching and editorial services help you:

  • Rekindle your creativity
  • Develop your unique voice
  • Define your project
  • Set goals to maintain momentum
  • Tighten your work to create the most powerful impact

With many decades of experience editing business documents, fiction, creative nonfiction, children’s books, poetry, essays, and memoirs, I can help you make your writing dazzle, whatever the genre.

Why Do You Need a Writer’s Coach?

You will stay highly motivated with the support of someone who understands your vision and is as excited about your project as you are.

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How Does the Writing Coaching and Editorial Process Work?

After clarifying your goals, we create a custom-designed coaching plan to help you:

  • Determine your audience, vision, and voice
  • Clarify your main themes
  • Devise a narrative structure
  • Develop a timeline for completion

We then interact via phone and email on ideas and rough drafts to help you overcome obstacles and move smoothly toward the completion of your goals.

When it comes to polishing your final manuscript for publication, I perform an in-depth edit to help you:

  • Eliminate typos, wordiness, and awkward phrasing
  • Deepen the characters or analysis
  • Hone the beginning and end for the greatest impact

To assess fit, try a complimentary half-hour exploration session.

HUMMINGWORDS PERSONAL COACHING Turn Transition into Transformation

Personal coaching helps you:

  • Navigate life transitions
  • Access your own wisdom
  • Consciously craft the life you want

Let me help you create lasting change efficiently and effectively.

Why Do You Need a Personal Coach?

You will more rapidly fulfill your dreams and increase your satisfaction as you refine skills in:

  • Intention clarification
  • Goal-setting
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication
  • Self-awareness
  • Accountability

How Does the Personal Coaching Process Work?
After an intake session to clarify your goals, we create a custom-designed coaching plan to help you:

  • Enhance your present life
  • Design your desired future
  • Build on your fundamental strengths
  • Align your actions with core values and life purpose
  • Access more spontaneity, creativity, and joy

At the end of each session, we review insights, determine action steps, and create insight-deepening inquiries to carry you toward your goals.

To assess fit, try a complimentary half-hour exploration session.



I am a personal coach, writing coach, workshop facilitator, editor, and former environmental communication consultant with over 35 years of experience. I specialize in helping people explore their creativity, express their unique voices, and expand their authenticity and joy.

My writing appears in more than 20 anthologies, and an extensive collection of my poetry, The Luminous In-Between, was published by Azalea Arts Press in 2016.

B.A. in English Literature, Colgate University, summa cum laude.

M.A. in Communication, University of Delaware.

Coaching training, The Coaches Training Institute.

Writing group facilitator training, Amherst Writers and Artists Method.


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